Monday, May 30, 2005

The cabin weekend

Got back safely from the cabin in the Finnish peninsula. It was very quite and peaceful, with the exception of the children that we had along: Kauto, my daughter Ottilia and Anni, the daughter of our friends, Juhis and Sari, who's four (almost five). Together they made a lot of noise.

But boy, oh boy, was it quiet! I heard a crow barking in a tree - this is quite rare. I also heard a squirrel go up and down the tree - and I was a hundred meters away! We also heard either a fox or a tomcat. We couldn't make out. It was a strange, howling and meowing sound at the same time.

I also got bitten by something, while no one else even noticed any mosquitos around. I am sure that the only mosquito in the island of Kimito smelled me from 40 kilometers and buzzed over just to bite me. It itches like hell.

For some reason, my holiday wasn't as perfect as I'd hoped it to be, since I didn't get to go the "city" of Dalsbruk and have a cup of tea and wander around the small center. But hey, that's pretty minor. And I got to throw some frisbee - it was great, I should be doing it regularly. We also went rowing with Ottilia. I'm no rower, but we did a nice trip. Ottilia most certainly admired me.

The best part was that Kauto learned finally to walk! He took several steps several times - usually when he was going toward Ottilia and Anni who played with him. Kauto was thrilled himself - and so were we.

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