Tuesday, August 30, 2005

News on my fiction

As everyone reading these knows, I'm also a wanna-be fiction writer. Today there was some stuff on my fiction, so here's an update:

Tapani didn't want my story for the anthology he's editing. (At first the ideas of revenge kept crawling in my head, but then I remembered that I've rejected a story he was offering to Isku.) I was thinking that maybe I'll rewrite the story, but then again I think there's no use - unless I want another opinion from Tapani.

I noticed that a deadline for a SF/fantasy contest was almost at hand and hurried to make some revisions for my story I was going to send them. Today I sent it, but only after printing the story twice and making last-minute corrections. Fuck! I thought I could send a polished story for the contest.

I also thought about another story for a pulpy SF fanzine we are going to edit for the Helsinki university SF club with Jukkahoo. We just heard it should come out this year! Eegah!

But now I must hurry to the train station: my five minutes in Tampere is approaching.


Anna said...

hei juri,
löysin pulpettisi sediksen kommenttipalstalta ja ihan pakko on nyt jättää viesti kun maailma tuntuu niin... verkolta! sinua varmasti kiinnostaa, kuinka keskustelu fallsissa päättyi: marlon brando sai huutovoiton ja sitten siirryttiin mukavien ihmisten pöytään puhumaan sivistyneesti.

Juri said...

Hauskaa! Marlon Brando on ihan ok, mutta yritin vielä junasta laittaa Teijolle viestiä, että minun ehdokkaani on oikeasti Buster Keaton, joka on sekä komea että androgyyni samaan aikaan, ja sielukas ja viileä ja rohkea ja mitä kaikkea vielä.