Thursday, November 10, 2005


I had finally some time yesterday to pick up the copies of Banalologioita, my latest self-publication. See the cover. (Oops, the scan seems to be pretty bad. Don't mind that. Just admire my AD skills...)

I read it last night. It could've been shorter (it's 42 small pages now), since there are one or two essays that now read like reader's letters to the editor. But there are some bona fide classics, such as the one about eating your lunch in public places or the one about sneezing. The one about wanking and its impact on the economy (or rather the other way around: economy's impact on the amount of wanking) is still disputed by academics all over the world.


But I am serious. I'm glad this finally saw the light of day, even as a self-pubbed book that has a limited distribution.


Tosikko said...

Tilaan täten yhden kappaleen hamassa tulevaisuudessa lunastettavaksi. Jos sopii. (Vahvistussana lenqetd on kuin joku eskimoiden lumisana.)

Juri said...

Totta kai sopii. Olisit varmaan saanut tämän muutenkin - mikä koskenee aika monia muitakin tämän lukijoita.

Päivän sana: "ocadhtkc".