Thursday, November 10, 2005

More of faux Doyle

One of the Harry Taxon stories I wrote about earlier has been published in English. Anthony Boucher picked up a story from the Spanish anthology called Memorias Intimas del Rey de los Detectives and translated it and used it in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. This was later reprinted in Allan Barnard's anthology The Harlot Killer in 1953. The story is about Jack the Ripper (as is the whole antho). The Taxon story has Jack kill his 37th victim.


Unknown said...

Hello Juri,

I'm afraid your information is not quite accurate. Anthony Boucher did not translate what you call a Harry Taxon story for publication in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. What he actually did was summarise in three pages the original 32 pages published in German and later translated into French, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish and a host other languages. As a matter of fact, Ripperologist magazine is at present publishing the first full translation of Jack el destripador, Jack l'Eventreur or, in the original German, Wie Jack, der Aufschlitzer, gefasst wurde. If you are interested, contact me at and I'll give you more details about the translation and how to get Ripperologist.

Juri said...

Thank you for correction, Eduardo, most interesting! I think that I only summarized what I'd found in the net concerning the matter (and may even have misunderstood something).