Tuesday, November 29, 2005

TV stuff

I was in a meeting concerning the TV show I'm about to host. Nothing scary happened, even though they hadn't told me the day when they were gonna shoot the test pilot - "It has always been this", they said, even though that wasn't the exact truth.

I also met the managing director of the Yle Teema digital channel. She wanted to meet a new face and to hear I'm in with 110 %. That was scary.

Actually no, she was quite a nice lady. I also met one of her assistans (I didn't quite actually comprehend who she was) and turned out that she had known my father when he ran the cinema club in Pori in the seventies! The lady said it was the best cinema club she's ever been in, because my father used to encourage comments and discussion after the screenings. (He's always said that that's what cinema clubs are for, the discussion, not just for the screenings.)

I'm still not 100 % sure I know what's going to happen with the show, but I keep telling myself that I've now discovered that the TV shows are always made in the midst of chaos and no one knows what the result will be.

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