Monday, November 28, 2005

What's with leggings?

I'm currently reading Joseph Finder's corporate thriller Paranoia and one thing in it reminded me of Dan Brown's The Da Vinci Code, even though Finder's book is vastly better.

Both books have protagonists admiring women with leggings. In Brown's novel, this gets very embarrassing, because the guy clearly has no clue of what women wear. The effective Sophie of the novel wears stuff straight out of '89, but in the real life she'd be wearing a pinstripe suit with high heels. Instead she has a large sweater and leggings. In Finder's novel the guy goes on a date with a young woman who's supposed to be very sexy and trendy. And she shows up in leggings.

Now, there's nothing wrong with leggings per se, but at the moment they just don't cut it. (Yes, I know, they are back in style again, but for girls under 25, not these business ladies!)

Finder shows his lack of fashion knowledge in a scene where the same girls has platform shoes! C'mon! Platform shoes?!


Tosikko said...

For girls under 25?!? I wore leggings quite happily all autumn! :)

Juri said...

Aren't you under 25? I just was at your birhday party and thought we were celebrating your quarter of a century... At least you look like under 25. ;)

Seriously, the girl in Finder's novel wouldn't wear leggings even on a lazy Sunday morning.