Friday, November 25, 2005

Just One Night, part 2

(Continuation of the crime story I wrote 20 years ago, as a teenager. The first installment here.)

Moose said with a grin: ”Chicken barbecue pizza.”
”Sure, go ahead. Make it a family pizza”, Brougher said.
”We are one big family here”, Camaro said and sat on the couch. Moose danced to the door and pushed the phone button beside the door. He placed the order through the phone.
Camaro said to Brougher: ”Should we watch something? I brought The Last Boy Scout with me.”
Suzie Terrell opened the door and shouted: ”You won’t watch anything! I’m trying to get some sleep here!”
”Alright alright”, Camaro mumbled.
The door closed with a bang.
Moose had made his order and came to sit on the coach. ”So we don’t get to watch anything?” he said. ”Even now that we have a pizza coming?”
Jack lifted his eyes from the book and said: ”Why don’t we just be quiet?
Camaro said: ”Suzie girl tries to get some sleep.”
A shout came through the door. ”I am not a girl to you!”
”She makes me mad”, Moose said.
The bedroom door opened and Suzie Terrell stood at the door with only her pants on.
”Vow!” Camaro said.
”Damn it! Can’t you morons let people get some sleep? It’s fucking one in the morning! And you there, stop staring or I’ll bust your balls!” The door slammed close and soon the men heard crying come from the bedroom.
Brougher looked at Moose and Camaro and said: ”What if you guys go out to eat your pizza or whatever, miss Terrell seems to be very tired. I’ll leave some of the chicken pizza to you.”
”Alright. You’re the boss”, Moose said. ”Let’s go”, he said to Camaro.
Jack put the book away and went to the bedroom door. He knocked and opened the door gently. Suzie Terrell wasn’t sleeping or crying, she just lay there and watched the ceiling. ”Yes?” she asked when he noticed that Brougher had come in.
”Nothing. I came to apologize.”
”It’s alright. It’s all my fault.”
”Sure. I know that.” Brougher grinned and sat on a stool beside the bed.
”You got any cigarettes?” Suzie asked.
”Sure.” Brougher took the pack of Kents out of his shirt pocket and offered one to Suzie. She took it and put it between her lips. Jack also took a cigarette and lit both. Suzie got up to a sitting position. When she noticed that Brougher was looking at her admiringly, she said: ”I’m sorry. I’ll put something on.”
”Don’t worry. It’s a pleasure.”
Suzie rolled her eyes and got up. She put a long red t-shirt on. She remained standing up.
”What are you going to do after this?” Brougher asked.
”I think I’ll go to Paris. I hear it’s a pretty place.”
”If you like big cities. I prefer smaller ones, just like this Austin”, Brougher said.

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