Thursday, November 17, 2005

P.I. novel; VHS tapes

My P.I. novel is starting to develop into a climax. I just wrote myself into a situation where I have to decide whether my hero is going to kill one of his girlfriends or does she have time to wash his trousers first. After that it will be pure hell.

It wasn't a good day doing any work, since Kauto slept pretty badly (his diapers leaked in the middle of the night and he was awake for over an hour even after we changed them). I've felt pretty tired all day and I slept for 20 minutes after reading Susanna Clarke's Jonathan Strange (which is still strangely eluding me).


I mentioned getting some old VHS movies from my dad. He picks these things up from the flea markets and sometimes he manages to sell them on. I get usually to choose something beforehand. Here's what I got:

George Schaefer: Pendulum, with George Peppard (1969)

Sebastian Gutierrez: Judas Kiss, mid-nineties noir, Gutierrez scripted later The Big Bounce

Lewis Teague: Polly (1979), from the John Sayles script, gangstery story set in the 30s

R.M. Richards: Revenge, Burt Reynolds flick from -86, with a small cult reputation, was supposed to be directed by Robert Altman, but fell into the hands of Dick Richards; the final director is hiding under a pseudonym; I missed this when it aired for a week in Pori and I didn't get a chance to write a review of it, now I'll have my second chance

I also got Hellboy by Guillermo del Toro which I haven't seen (nor have I read the graphic novel...).


Anonymous said...

Ou yeah, Hellboy is quite good filmatisation of Mike Mignola´s comic. Too much noise and nonsense, though. But you should not care, because the comic makes (almost) no sense either. Anyhow both, the movie and comic are very stylish. If you happen to like that style...

Juri said...

Hello, Asev, it took a few seconds to realize who you really are! Thanks for comments on Hellboy.