Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Just One Night, part 3

(13-year old me writing here again.)

”What are you going to do after this?” Brougher asked.
”I think I’ll go to Paris. I hear it’s a pretty place.”
”If you like big cities. I prefer smaller ones, just like this Austin”, Brougher said.
”This isn’t so small”, the woman said.
Someone came crashing into the room. It was Camaro.
”What is it?” Brougher asked.
”Hersey’s car has been spotted. It’s coming this way.”
”Red Plymouth Fury, fiftyeight?”
Camaro nodded.
”Go down and wait for me”, Brougher said and Camaro left the room. Brougher took his coat and said to Suzie: ”Get the clothes and your most necessary things ready. It’s possible we have to leave fast. My car is the cherry red Mustang. Take this. Just for security.”
Brougher put a small Beretta on a desk.
”Just aim and pull the trigger. You got it? Good. I’m out of here.”
Brougher headed out of the room and went down the stairs. He saw Moose and Camaro finishing up their pizzas at a lounge table. He went over to them and said: ”Finish your food and let’s get on with this thing.”
Camaro wolfed down his pizza. Moose asked: ”Aren’t you going to eat anything?”
Brougher shaked his head. ”Where was the car seen?” he asked.
”Fourth Street”, Moose said.
”It must be coming this way”, Brougher said, more to himself. ”When was this?”
”Two or three minutes ago”, Camaro said.
”Who reported it?”
”John”, Camaro said.
”Okay, get ready boys, it’s soon action time!” Brougher said and went to the counter and ordered a shot of bourbon. He gulped it down. Damn Hersey. I’d be sleeping by now, if it wasn’t for him, Brougher thought. But without him I wouldn’t have seen Suzie Terrell naked. Brougher grinned to himself.
Camaro had appeared by his side. ”What’re you thinking?” he asked Brougher.
”Nothing much. Cursed Hersey, that’s all.”
”We get good money out of this. Terrell’s dad is a rich man.”
”Yes, I know”, Brougher said.
Moose, who had gone to the hotel door, came back and said: ”They are coming.”

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