Monday, July 04, 2005

Back from the trip

We got back from the trip to Vammala, where there's the largest book-selling [tapahtuma] in Finland. We had our own tables with my father and sold quite many books. I can't say any exact numbers, but I think it was quite big. I didn't have time to check any books to buy, but I snatched something from my father's piles. From a box that seemed to be doomed to oblivion in the remotest corner of some closet I took a sports paperback by Roe Richmond and "Redbeard" by Michael Resnick (a Lancer PBO from 1969).


I promised to reveal what the mystery item was that had something to do with an old photograph about me and my mother.

My father had his 60th birthday Wednesday week ago. As a present I made him a birthday book, with some 20-30 photographs he took of me and my big brother. I printed 50 copies of it (and got it the ISBN code, so it's an official publication and my dad's first!) and gave him 25 copies last Friday when there was a city welcome party in Vammala. He was pretty glad and amused, even though I'd been a bit afraid he might get angry: "Did it ever occur to you to ask for a permission?" Nothing like that.

I'll post some of pictures here in a short while. Am trying to get back to the rhythm of ordinary work, so have to cut down the blogging for a couple of days now.

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