Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Dolores Hitchens

Ed Gorman wrote about Dolores Hitchens in his blog the other day. I've read two books by Hitchens and they are both very good. The only translation is Askelet yössä/Footsteps in the Night (1961), which is a very grim tale of a suburban neighbourhood and its secrets. Very highly recommended. I think I have the scan of the Finnish cover somewhere, will put it here sooner or later. I've also read Sleep with Slander (1960) that Gorman recommends as her best work - I have no doubts about that. Very realistic, very grim, very touching private eye novel that deals with incest and child kidnapping. As Gorman says, the themes were very taboo in the time of the publication.

If I were a publisher, I'd bring out the translation of Sleep with Slander. (Gorman says, though, that when he tried to get publishers interested in reprinting Hitchens, her agent turned out to be too greedy and the plans failed.)

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