Sunday, July 10, 2005


It's too damn hot to write anything. We left the curtains up when we went for a walk and now the study is like a sauna! I'm here without my shirt and still dripping sweat...


jukkahoo said...

Our apartment is wonderfully cool at pretty much all times, but it truly is god-damn hot out there, man! Just got back from taking out the small animal (jack russell terrier) and by Jove!, every drag of my feet was a herculean effort on my part, for sure! Could someone turn off the heat already!

OK, I'm willing to let the "heatwave" continue, since it really is very seldom that Finnish summer is this hot. if only the hay wouldn't pollen this much. That is really killing me.

Juri said...

I read today from a newspaper that it's 37C in Texas. How about it, James (if you're reading this)?

It's not going to ease up next week, though. They say it's just this warm. Goddam! I'm oozing.