Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Sin City

I noticed scrolling down my earlier posts that I promised to say something about Sin City. The film has had some mixed reviews - no wonder! It is so extravagant that you know from the word go that half of the people hate it and other love it just for the extravagance itself. I'm somewhere between, but at the moment I notice that already week away from the actual viewing I'm forgetting half of it and can't get enough speed to my writing. I should've written the review at once (and I did, but it was for a magazine, Sarjainfo - check it out, if you know your Finnish).

There are good moments in the film and the one with Mickey Rourke as Marv is the best episode in the film - as it is in the original graphic novel. The one with the megababes is easily the worst - it seems like a psycho teenager's wet dream. I mean, hookers with lots of guns? Isn't this a bit adolescent? (The episode is weakest also plot-wise. It starts from nowhere and ends only with a huge bang.)

The whole movie is like a wet dream itself: there are the bad guys who get a hard-on from violence and hurting (and slicing and even eating) innocent ones and then there are the good guys, who will kick the bad guys' asses. You can get the excitement of the Big Fat Kill, but then you dont' have to feel guilty for your hard-on, because the good guys kill the baddies and enjoy every f***ing minute of it. Their babes love it, too. There's also lots of technology of killing, which bothers me a bit, because it makes the killing seem so funny and innocent somehow.

What interests me most, though, is that the real bad guy, the Senator, gets away. In front of the real power, Miller's and Rodriguez's men withdraw.

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