Monday, July 18, 2005

Pulp Fiction, African style

I got these from an e-mail list I'm on. They are about African, mainly Nigerian, pulp literature that has traditionally been called "Onitsha" in there. The first two links are about the stuff, the last one is the actual merchandise. (Beware, though: the PDF's are huge and open pretty slow. Not at all, if you're at a modem.) This ain't no Mike Hammer or even Rocky Steele.


Anonymous said...

greats links!!!!

i am reading your blog with frequency. I am a guy from Argenitna (living in Chile... strange, reading a Finnish guy from the antipodes ...) and i am very interesed by your Finnish covers of police books. Actually i am doing at the time the same with spanish reprints of policial novels
I would like to send you a e-mail to ask you about the Tarsa novels... bu t i cannot find it. HHow can i Do?
See you at the Internerd =)

Juri said...

Great to hear from you! Have to check upon your blog.

You can reach me at juri . nummelin at pp . inet . fi , if you want to ask me about the Tarsa books.