Friday, July 22, 2005

My surprising success with women

I was at the gym yesterday. There was this quite nice-looking young girl, maybe 20-22. When I was already finishing my workout she came to me and asked with a hesitation in her voice: "Are you, I mean, you look like a real sportsman, are you a sportsman?"

A sportsman! Hell, no! As everyone who's spent ten minutes with me knows that I don't even watch any sports. When the girl said "are you", I thought she was going to ask if I'm the same guy who's written those books on pulp fiction, but that does sound a bit implausible. Girls don't come running after a guy who's written Pulpografia and Six Guns. (Maybe White Heat will change all that.)

I said to her that no, this is just a hobby. She goes: "Wow! I mean, you look real good!" or something to that effect (exaggerated now of course, just to get you male readers jealous of my success). I said "thanks" and it's nice to hear that since I've been going to gym for over ten years (and should really have bigger muscles by now, but I think I'm too lazy for real workouts and protein diets). In the end I got embarrassed and mumbled something about having to go now and went to take a shower.

This is the second time I've seen someone trying to pick up someone at the gym (of course it was a pick up! I mean, what else, just a compliment?). The first time was when some guy - really, I'm not making this up - went to a girl who was stretching and asked: "Do you come here often?"

This reminds me that I've had plans about writing a crime novel situating in gyms and the world of bodybuilders. I don't know if there's been one - should be. All that illegal hormone stuff and brainless morons killing each other with lifts. Could be fun to read.

(My success didn't stop here. On the way home I dropped by the store to buy some wheat protein.. nah, only yoghurt.. and the girl at the cashier flirted with me. This must have something to do with my new jeans.)

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Juri said...

Low waist, flare leg. But mind you, I didn't wear them at the gym...