Tuesday, July 05, 2005

I bought some old Jerry Cottons by my friend Tapani. Here's a good example: Tappava tippa, AKA The Deadly Drop. Some of the Jerry Cottons had stills from movies, in my batch today there are Nick Nolte and Morgan Freeman and some other fellows whose names escape me at the moment.


jukkahoo said...

Haven't read a Jerry Cotton in ages. I was about to say my father gave me a bundle of Jerry Cotton junior's, until I realised that they were actually Pekka Lipponen Jr's. Doh! Was Tapani involved with this one as well?

I have a rather large pile of "Bill ja Ben" -books. Two bags, actually. My father doesn't have hundred thousand books at various storehouses (or barns) around Helsinki, but he burdened me with an odd assortment of various magazines and paperbacks, as well as books, toys and old woodworkings of mine from school. Surprisingly little in the way of "lukemisto". He sort-of-remembers taking a fair share of those to "divari"'s for some petty cash, when he was really down-and-out of it.

Oh, yes. I also now have couple of hundred issues of Tex Willer. And - get this! - some three hundred copies of Mickey Maus in German (from the 60's).

Juri said...

Pekka Lipponen Jr's were written by Juhani Salomaa and Kari Nenonen (or was Tapio Vilpponen associated with it?), Tapani had nothing to do with it (although he claims that he knows more about the series than any other person in the country). Supposedly pretty bad stuff.

Bill ja Ben books were originally Larry and Stretch, by Marshall Grover = Len Meares.

Great to hear about your dad giving your old school stuff to you!