Thursday, July 14, 2005

Turun Sanomat, the leader of Finnish journalism

Turun Sanomat (The Turku News) is the leading newspaper in the town we live in - and what a shame that is! It's a boring paper, filled with sports and unimaginatively written short articles about women on pension raising gardenias, you know that stuff, close to people and blah blah.

I wanted to include this ad they sent me (and all the others who don't yet subscribe to TS) here, because it's an intriguing thought that they should give their editor-in-chief, Ari Valjakka, away as a prize. He's the third from the top. It's a contest. I think it goes like this: first gets to to spend one night with the free-wheeling guy on top (check out that facial hair!), second gets all the bicycles and third - oh, poor soul! - has to spend two weeks with Mr. Valjakka.

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