Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Astounding Stories

This is the cover of the pulp-style magazine I've mentioned here some times before. It's called Astounding Stories (which translates in Finnish as Äimistyttäviä Tarinoita). The cover is by Petri Hiltunen. The magazine was edited by me and Jukkahoo, but my part in this was due to haste limited to checking upon two stories and writing an editorial and some funny bits mixed with stories. I didn't see all of them coming. One of the stories is mine, but I won't say which one...

The contents run as:

Boris Hurtta: War Cook Bertil in the Service of a Castle Maid
Petri Salin: Madame Spindel
Jaakko Ensio: Mikko Jarmo and the Case of Atomic Structure
Jukka-Petteri Halme: The adventures of Dosent Spermwhale, part 5: The Giant Brain of Titan
Juri Nummelin: The Mutual Journey of Pulp Magazines and Science Fiction (article)
Marko Kivelä: "With an Axe I strike!"

As you can see, it's done with tongue firmly in cheek and some of the stories are downright parody. You can order this through me, but let me again tell you it's in Finnish.


jukkahoo said...

Cachelot! Not spermwhale, but Cachelot! Dosent Armand Cachelot.

För gud's skull.

Word: udiar (this could well be a fantasy name, or some eastern ethnicity).

Juri said...

I wasn't entirely sure about the word and didn't feel like opening the dictionary... Sorry! (This is weird: two Finnish guys chatting away in English about a magazine they edited together and about which no one else knows jack shit. Zbfxdrgt!)

Anonymous said...

Hey Juri, the magazine looks gorgeous. Now it's three Finnish guys. I used to love Hiltunen's art as a teen, though was it Anssi Rauhala (name just plops to my mind) who did the original Captain Hyperventilator Man stips in Tahtivaeltaja magazine? Hiltunen just took that idea over and made it... different. His Hysteria faux-EC comic album was a terrific inspiration. In any event, great to see classic illustration done in ANY mag in this day and age. It looks fantastic, and I bet it was a lot of fun to do! Cheers, --Juha.

Anonymous said...

stips=strips (see above)

Juri said...

Jukkahoo knows more, but I think you're right: it was Rauhala first, then came Hiltunen. Thanks for the kind words, Mr. Lindroos! And keep up the good work!