Sunday, January 15, 2006

The book shelves in the study

I let you see my desk where I work and write. Now you get to see the book shelves behind my back.

The books are not in order. We moved just about two years ago and still I haven't managed to put them in alphabets. On the right there are the British paperbacks I should be working on at the moment and some other pulpy stuff - such as the translations of Brad Latham's Bill Lockwood novels and related trashy items. And comics and graphic novels in the bottom. (Most of the American paperbacks are in the cellar. Anyone want a picture from there, too?)

On the right, however, there is lots of non-fiction material about diverse matters, such as religion, movies and cinema, philosophy (mainly European), cultural history of booze in Finland, The Holy Blood and Holy Grail (hey, I bought this for 20 cents before I'd read the goddamn code book), Stephen King's Danse Macabre, St. Augustine and Emmanuel Swedenborg... You name it.

In the other picture, there's lots of erotica, from sleaze to literary hardcore. There are also some picture books, such as Eric Stanton. There are also some paperbacks, from Westerns to mysteries, and also some ephemeral stuff, such as the history of The New York Sun I found for 20 cents somewhere. The boxes are full of books that are going to the basement. The large box above everything is a TV set my daughter Ottilia made for herself. It's been used two or three times, but she wouldn't allow it to go to waste. On the left of it, there's a stack of recent paperbacks, with John MacDonald's One Monday We Killed Them All and Alfred Coppel's SF novel Dark December for Fawcett Gold Medal.

(Oops, the pictures are in a wrong order. I wrote first about the shelves in the second picture, then in the first.)


LL said...

Your blog has such a wonderful name (pulpetti)!

Juri said...

I like to think I'm teaching people stuff.

Naah, just kidding.