Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in

I could write dozens of pages about this, but let it suffice now to say that I'm back in the TV show. Only this time I'll be doing only short inserts, as some sort of extra expert on movies. So I won't host the show, but I'll be able to do this from Turku and won't have to travel to Helsinki three times a week and meet the producer whom I've already dubbed crazy.

Bad points in this include the inescapable fact that there will be no groupies.


Anonymous said...

I will be your groupie! Now there is a reason to get a digibox: To see your noble profile in my livingroom! Sadly, you won´t get very high points at Suosikki-magazine's "Furryhead gallery"...

Juri said...

Great news, Asev!

I've been seriously thinking about *not* getting a digibox - at the moment I'm not particularly proud of me being in the show.

[Great Word Verification word here, by the way: myqqu.)

Tosikko said...

Toinenkin bändäri ilmoittautuu... Kirkumaan en tosin rupea. Ratkaisuhan kuulostaa oikein hyvältä olosuhteisiin nähden. Onneksi olkoon (jälleen kerran), toivottavasti olet hyvällä mielellä tästä.

Zblyyj vaan kaikille!