Wednesday, January 11, 2006

The Finnish Film Archive

As I've mentioned here one or two times earlier, I run the Finnish Film Archive's screenings here in Turku. It's a small job and not very well paid, but it's fun to select the films. I just typed the series for the coming Spring and it looks like this:

30.1. Arthur Penn: Bonnie & Clyde (USA 1967)
6.2. Andrei Tarkovski: Andrei Rublev (Soviet Union 1966)
13.2. Akira Kurosawa: Rashomon (Japan 1950)
20.2. Jacques Deray: Flic Story (France 1975)
27.2. Vsevolod Pudovkin: Mother (Soviet Union 1926)
6.3. Clint Eastwood: The Outlaw Josey Wales (USA 1976)
13.3. Francois Truffaut: The Bride Wore Black (France 1968)
20.3. Nicholas Ray: Rebel without a Cause (USA 1955)
27.3. Dziga Vertov: Entusiasm (NL 1931)
3.4. Eric Rohmer: My Night with Maud (France 1969)
10.4. Jean-Marie Straub: The Little Chronic of Anna Magdalena Bach (BRD 1968)
24.4. Michael Curtiz: The Adventures of Robin Hood (USA 1938)

I'd come to see all the films even if I weren't working for them. It's possible that there will be special screenings of some obscure grindhouse movies from the sixties, such as Warner Rose's The Smut Peddler (USA 1965; the film copy in Finland is supposedly the only one existing!). Here's hoping!

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