Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Mikko Jarmo and the dinosaur

This is Ninni Aalto's (if I understood correctly) illustration for Jaakko Ensio's (ehem ehem) story Mikko Jarmo and the Case of Atomic Structure. It involves Adolf Hitler, dinosaurs, Atlanteans, time travel, a zap gun and telepathic drink. Mikko Jarmo is a Finnish private eye, who goes on a mission to kill the 3-year old Adolf Hitler with the time machine his friend, eccentric scientist Törmä, has invented.

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jukkahoo said...

Yes, this is by Ninni. I decided to follow the way Astounding did things in Feb 1949 (as I happened to grab that one and follow it's lead in many other ways, too). Petri has those two you have posted here, the rest are by Maija P. and myself. I had hoped that Vesa might've been able to use the "mad professor" picture of Maija's in his Kekkonen-story, but alas. Maybe next time?

Ord: bezrjpwa (Polish?)