Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The rest of the book shelves

Here are the rest of our bookshelves. (I like to think that the books are ours, but actually some 90 % of the books are bought by me for me.)

The pictures are from the living room. The big shelf isn't a very good looking one, but I've been buying this type of shelf for years since my mom bought me pieces of it for my 18th birthday when I was still living with her and I've thought it too expensive to change it to any other type of shelf. There's too much open space above the books, which is probably my main concern. But the shelves are quite deep and most are double-decked.

The smaller shelves came with the apartment we are living in at the moment. They belonged to the earlier tenant and we got them cheap. They represent more the style I like.

The big shelf has mainly literary fiction and hardcover mysteries and some cultural history and so forth. The little shelf has also novels, but also almost all of our poetry books. (I was once an avid reader of poetry, but it has faded. I don't exactly know why. Maybe pulp fiction has worn me out.) There are sections for the Latin and Greek authors and biographies and memoirs. The books are not in order, as I said in my earlier post, and I don't really know if I have the energy to alphabetize them. It's kind of fun to try to recognize the books from a distance - what is that between the Chandlers and what is that paperback stucked between Horatio and Homer?

It was actually wrong of me to say that these are the rest of the shelves. There's a little shelf in the kitchen and there are books in the basement and in the attic, too. If the pictures from basement turn out good, I just might post them here.

Em.. that's the laundry in front of the other picture.

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