Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Mikko Jarmo

I wrote earlier about Jaakko Ensio's hero, Finnish private eye Mikko Jarmo who operates during the Second World War. Jaakko Ensio's stories were originally published in Seikkailujen Maailma/The World of Adventures. I don't know who Ensio really was, but I suspect it was a pseudonym. (At least it is now! (Put a smiley here.))

In the fourties there were at least two stories about Mikko Jarmo and I don't think I'm entirely wrong if I say that he was one of the first - if not the first - private eye of the American kind in the Finnish literature. There had been gangster stories and such earlier, but not a series character of Jarmo's kind. Ensio's first stories were war stories, if I remember correctly, and Jarmo came along only later. I'm putting one of the Jarmo stories in the book of Finnish pulp fiction I've compiled.

Here's the Jaakko Ensio bibliography from Seikkailujen Maailma:

Jaakko Ensio: Kuolemansade (The Death Rain)

Jaakko Ensio: Kuolematon (The Immortal)

Jaakko Ensio: Pieni vihollinen (The Small Enemy)

Jaakko Ensio: Aamun koitteessa (At Dawn)

Jaakko Ensio: Itse ilmiantajana (Being an Informer; I think this is Mikko Jarmo, too, but am not sure)

Jaakko Ensio: Konnan kuolema (The Death of a Crook; Mikko Jarmo)

Jaakko Ensio: Kirjojen kauppias (The Bouquinist; Mikko Jarmo)

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