Monday, September 11, 2006

Error: Paul Denver's Cannons

Sorry, the Cannon novelizations by Paul Denver were made for a British publisher, not an American one, as I said in an earlier post. If I understood correctly, it was the Star paperback imprint of W. H. Allen Ltd. Here's a cover for one of the books.

Edit: Erm... now that I look at my earlier post, I notice that I don't say that they were made for an American publisher. What's "annoin ymmärtää" in English? There were lots of British paperback novelization of American movies and TV shows in the seventies, for example of Universal's horror classics and Disney's animated features.


Anonymous said...

hei et sä vois kirjoittaa suomeksi alkaa päätä särkeä nämä inglihs pinglish blogit

Anonymous said...

"annoin ymmärtää" is "Inglihs [sic] Pinglish" in English, as it turns out.

Juri said...

Umm... Todd, you are closer to the truth than anyone ever before!