Monday, September 18, 2006

From Tales of Darkness to modernist Finnish poetry

After I'd read a dozen Tales of Darkness comics I'd found in a trash bin and finished James Hadley Chase's The Sucker Punch (scan coming later), I decided I need something arty and deep. I took a poetry book of Jyrki Pellinen from the shelf and read some twenty poems in it. I've always liked Pellinen's poetry and this prompted me to write some poems (which I posted earlier). Here's one in translation:

names of the kings are like
pieces of wax in a small chimney

the yachts are yellow trees
unspoken light in the wall of the house

three branches marching in line
on the horizon many kilometers away

the blue christmas tree on the yard brings to mind the blue forest
and the people who make no mistakes

(You just gotta admire me - this blog can move from the crudest to the most high-brow with daring eloquence!)

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