Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Pulpster at work

Here's me at work. It's actually a promo picture of me after Pulpografia, my first book, came out in 2001.* This was an outtake from a session with my friend Vesa Kataisto who interviewed me for a magazine called Aktivist (kuka muistaa tämän?!) - you see that my eyes are closed and I don't really seem to be doing anything.

The pictures were taken at the office of the Turku Student Newspaper where I was working as an editor at the time. The place seems barren and maybe it really was. The typewriter was, I believe, the newspaper's . I don't know where it's now - it's a very pretty typewriter (had I time, room and money (in this order), I'd collect old typewriters, and perhaps mainly these post-WWII machines).

* Actually it came out in 2000, but it was the day before Christmas Eve, so it doesn't really count.

Edit: I met Vesa Kataisto at the book fair on Saturday and he said that he brought the type writer with him to the photo session. It was from the cellar of Cosmic Comic Café and may still be there.

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