Wednesday, September 06, 2006

What I wrote earlier

While deleting old e-mails I noticed that I'd saved a blog post as an e-mail a week ago, but forgotten to post it. It's old now, but there's stuff that I haven't been bragging about, so here goes nevertheless (I've tried to do some vacationing, hence no posts on a regular schedule):

As I said earlier, I was sending two crime novels to a contest. They went off their way late this afternoon! Wish them luck! Even the third one in the contest should get published! Here's hoping!

I'm drinking some wine to celebrate this - alone. Elina is away for a night: she's doing a reportage on maternity hospital's night shift! As if this weren't enough, I'm leaving to Helsinki with Kauto early tomorrow morning - he's going to be photographed as a baby fashion model for the KaksPlus magazine!

And as if this weren't enough, on Monday I'll have to shoot three new inserts for the TV show I was about to host - you remember that stuff, don't you? I promised I'd still be there, doing some additional stuff for the program, but I heard that this will be the last season. (Yeah, the channel bosses really believe in their stuff and support their workers... It lasted one fucking year.)*

And then, on Tuesday, we'll have to have an outline for the book a publisher asked for us to do - for Christmas! It should be out next Spring... aagh... when will this work ever stop?

(Nota bene: the outline was delivered in time and was accepted! Whew! At least some work that I'll get actually paid for! The inserts went well and they'll pay me after the screenings... Maybe I should ask, emm, what's the word, pre-payments? Kauto was a very good fashion model! I'll post the pictures when they are published. There's just so many pictures and cover scans and what not to post here... I read Thoreau's "simplify, simplify!" today and started wondering whether I really should diminish my activities...)

(* I can't really tell you how glad I am that I declined the hosting job. One of these days I'll tell you all about it.)

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