Monday, September 04, 2006


Oh man, I've been tired! I said to Elina yesterday after I'd finally got Kauto to sleep (he's still a pain in the ass when it comes to sleeping) that after finishing two novels you should be able to lay down for a while and not think about anything. I've been tired and drowsy and irritated for the couple last weeks and Elina said she's been worried about me.

But no rest for the wicked or some such: after I'd sent the manuscripts to the contest I had to finish an article (alongside with some more minor stuff) and write a speech to keep at the panel the Finnish Non-Fiction Writers' Association held on Friday. And after that I had to write texts for three new inserts for the Kinoklubi TV program during the weekend. Luckily it was no big deal and shooting them earlier today on Monday took only 1½ hours. Now Elina and I must do a working plan for a publisher that asked us to deliver a non-fiction book by December.

After that's been done, I'll lay down on a sofa and think about nothing! I'll just stare at the wall.


jukkahoo said...

Welcome to the club. It's been a while already since Finncon and I'm still sooooooooooo tired! Can't seem to manage anything. Haven't even read anything.

Esubqi soikoon!

Juri said...

Hey, thanks, mate! I know what you're going through. I was once organizing a weekend dedicated to the movies of Jörn Donner and on Sunday night I was so washed out I couldn't believe it was possible. And after completing PULPOGRAFIA I thought I was gonna die and there's nothing to live for. Well, nothing so bad this time. Sdgtfhml!