Tuesday, September 19, 2006

One of the best Chases I've read

This must be one of the best James Hadley Chase novels - at least of those I've read. In The Sucker Punch he spins the story of the man caught in the web of fake love, greed and seven million dollars quite well. There's just that it never feels like it takes place in the US. If someone gave it to me without covers or any other identifications and took out the half dozen references, mainly to California, from the text, I'd say it takes place in England. This makes the novel seem pretty empty, without any real content.

I haven't really checked, but I believe the book was first published as by Raymond Marshall, one of Chase's pseudonyms. (Or was it his only one? I'm not sure.) The Finnish title means Dangerous Lust. The used book store clerk has written "Not bought back" on the cover.

I'd say I like the cover, but all the feminists reading this would jump me.

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