Friday, September 22, 2006

Wonderful day at work

I've been so busy today I can't help but wonder! What an amazing day! Now, let's take a look at what I've done:

1. Kauto woke us up at presumably 7.30. (I'd been dreaming for at least an hour that it's 8.05.)

2. I took Kauto to daycare at 9.15 and got back home at 9.30. Read the morning paper and drank some more tea. Read the morning paper's weekly supplement (called Nyt). Looked at some other papers the mail brought. Wondered about the student union newspaper's (where I used to work) headlines. They look too small to me. Took a shit.

3. Opened up the computer at presumably 10.15.

4. Wrote some poems. They turned out pretty bad.

5. Answered the phone. I'll be going to radio to talk about - the movie archive's series that starts next Monday, and not about what a great non-fiction writer I truly am.

6. Translated half a page of a story by JA Konrath for the forth-coming issue of Isku.

7. Wrote a page (or maybe two) for a sword-and-sorcery story I've been thinking about for quite a while. It's situated in Finland in the early 11th century. It turned out to be a horror story. This is strictly hobby writing, but I'll maybe publish this in a magazine called Seikkailukertomuksia/Adventure Stories (it's just so embarrasing to admit that I do mags only because I get my own stories in quite easily).

8. Looked up some stuff in the web on ancient Finnish gods for the story. Stumbled on a comment in which someone says that lots of the Finnish gods came originally from Atlantis.

9. Made my blog round. (Or, walked the blog beat.) Watched Terrill Lankford's ten-minute prologue to Michael Connelly's Echo Park. I didn't think it was very good, but not bad either. Michael Connelly said to me once, when I interviewed him during his visit to Finland, that he thinks Harry Bosch should be played by Donald Sutherland. (Maybe in his younger days.)

10. Then I read the e-mails and answered them. Some work-related exchange with some British authors. Ate lunch with Elina at 12.00. Next I'm going to take a shower. At some point of the morning I asked Elina where I've got this notion that I can do this much non-profit work.

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