Wednesday, September 13, 2006

In English. IN ENGLISH!

There's an anonymous Finnish guy in a comment saying that I should stop writing in English. ("Inglish pinglish", he says or something to that effect.)

I write in English, even though I know I make grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors (I think I have most errors with the usage of "the" and "a"; sorry about those, mate!) all the time, because I have many English-speaking friends and I think they'd be sorry if I wrote about these matters - with which I mainly mean my all too short excursions into the world of pulp and hardboiled fiction - in Finnish. (At least I hope they'd be sorry...)

Enough of this, though. I was going to say that I may have finished (at least 95 % of it) a book. You remember I was writing a book on movies for teenagers? I decided to make it only the history of movies for teenagers! (Um.. well.. no, not about movies for teenagers.)

My original plan was to include stuff about narration and making of movies, but I thought: "Aw shucks, I don't feel like writing about that, I'll just cut it short and get on with my life!" May've been a stupid career move, but writing the book was a pain in the ass to begin with. (Or an anal plug. I just don't know what that feels like.)

So, anybody out there willing to publish a history of cinema for teenagers? In Finnish. (I can write in Finnish, you know. Sometimes I do it even here, much to the chagrin to my fellow Americans and Britons. And Scots, if Allan Guthrie happens to be here. Do I have any readers in Polish, Spanish (there was one a while back), Portuguese, Japan? Anybody? (I'll kill myself if there are no comments.) Now, should here be a bracket?

On another note, I was book-hunting today with a friend of mine, Kari Elkelä, who maintains a great site on pin-ups, comics and pulps. I found some old porn paperbacks that I hadn't earlier known even existed. Kari bought lots of Swedish paperbacks with nice covers and old men's mags. Ostin myös vanhoja Hesarin Kuukausiliitteitä. Elina on paljon puhunut siitä, että kun meillä on mökki, hän haluaa, että siellä on vanhoja Kuukausiliitteitä.


Unknown said...

Naturally I prefer English.

Juri said...

A reader! I don't have to kill myself! Yippee!