Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The Dada editorial

Now we move on to the editorial of Blinkity Blank's Greater Dada Issue.

The text goes:

good day


an old dream has come true: blinkity blank's greater dada issue is out. it has of course a limited print run, so that i can say: this will be a wanted collector's item in 50 years. a used book store has promised to pay 10,000 marks of a self-published book by mika waltari. so, i'd advise you to take this.


what i just wrote is of course an opposite of dada.


what is dada? at least it is



2200 columns

2000 pictures

1110 pages

1000 biographies

700 symphonies and other orchestra works

500 pieces of orchestration

400 assistants

100 opera librettos

4000 music records catalogued

100 music films

58 corpses

and it's also non-dada.

tristan tzara (1896-1963) is the guest poet.

* A big Finnish manufacturer.

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