Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Talk about westerns

The latest issue of Ruudinsavu has had almost unanimously great response with its articles on Deadwood, John Wayne's B-movies and Budd Boetticher, but we'll yet have to see what people will think about the sex-themed Ruudinsavu.

My friend Sami has furnished me with well-researched and enthusiastic articles about all kinds of adult westerns, from movies to German and Finnish paperbacks. He even wrote a great short story to go with the issue! Today he brought me some DVDs to scan for the mag. Kate and the Indians, Sweet Savage... I just can't wait.

On the left you can see the classic of the genre, A Dirty Western, from the early seventies. Even the actors sound like it's a real McCoy: Richard O'Neal, Dick Payne, Vern Ross, L.Q. O'Donnel, Taylor Wayne...

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