Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Flea market trip - again!

We got to spend lots of money today when we decided to take a day off and head off to Loimaa, which I've been telling here over and over again is the best flea market town in whole Finland. We had six bags full of all kinds of stuff when we got back. The best find was the full translation of Marx's Das Kapital for six euros. I also liked the early fifties fedora, almost intact, that I found for five euros.

It wasn't only vacation all day. We held a job meeting in the train with Elina and talked about future plans and all. In the bus on the way back I read a short western story by Totti Karpela that he had respectfully submitted to the all-story issue of the Ruudinsavu magazine that should be appearing next Summer. It was very much okay. I even sent it to the illustrator when we got back home.

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