Friday, March 03, 2006


We went for a long walk today. We had been planning it for days - the Aura River has been frozen for some weeks now and we decided to walk up the river and a small creek (called Vähäjoki, Wee River or something to that effect) that separates from it soon after the church. We did a similar walk two or three years ago, but I guess it had been much colder then, because the creek wasn't frozen through! We had at times to walk on the bench of the creek.

Yet, it was very nice. It was very quiet on the bottom of the creek and the sun began to shine when we were drinking the chocolate coffee mixed with Galliano up on the bench. (We got headache, though, from the shining, because we didn't have sunglasses. We are pure amateurs at this kind of thing.) It got almost exotic at times - they were places that no man had gone before. (Mainly because there is no reason to go there. You could find those places behind a mall.)

We were going to walk much longer than we now did, but we decided that we were not fit enough and got up from the bottom. We visited an abandoned railroad station at Räntämäki and then dropped by the Lidl mall (which I hate, but they have this very fruity and nutty muesli there...) and the Salvation Army charity store in Raunistula and then went for a cup of coffee and tea and then to get Kauto from daycare. Boy, were we tired!

It was nice alright, but it's just that my knees are both bad and they ached quite badly when we finally got back. The right one has been fixed - or so they say -, but it seems now that the left one too will go to an operation. Maybe I'll have them changed to artificial ones already by 40. "You're a cripple's wife", I said to Elina at one tough point.

Unfortunately we didn't take a camera with us. You'll just have to picture it: lots of snow, a quiet creek, an abandoned electric station by the bank...

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