Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Work update

Started again rewriting the YA novel we wrote with Elina in 2002. It came back again from a publisher, but we had a bunch of useful critique and try to put that in action.

I figured out how to make The Blood Orgy of the Void God more publishable. (I don't expect anyone to remember this, I've mentioned it once or twice.) Should get into that maybe next week. I'm actually eager to start this.

The mail brought Ville Hänninen's new reference book on comic and graphic novel artists, with my articles on Goscinny, Benoit Sokal, Munoz-Sampayo and Frank Miller in it. Looks good. And congrats to Ville! (We are doing a mutual blog here.)

The pirate issue of Pulp is finally drawing to a close. Maybe later this week I'll get into printers. About friggin' time!

Translating Russell Banks's Rule of the Bone page a day.

Waiting to get back to Pulpografia Britannica and the book on movies for the prepubescent audience.

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