Sunday, March 26, 2006

Still dada

This is once again quite untranslatable (or actually I'm at the moment too tired to even think of doing anything like that). It's called The List of Trophies and I made it up from various sources, including old print ads and the religious pamphlet I've mentioned here couple of times. It has provided me many moments of hilarious joy. The line "häpeämätön housupuku/the shameless trouser suit" is a classic. (I have a habit of using it in various instances when anyone is talking about clothing.)

It's signed as by Paavo Haavikko who is one of the most revered Finnish poets. I have a friend who had a habit of signing his letters (this was in the late eighties) under false names - this came from one of his letters.

Some of the letters don't show very well. Hope you can see something - enlarge the picture if not.

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