Friday, February 24, 2006

Another short-short

This also comes from the little booklet I self-published in 1997. It contains five very short P.I. stories, one of them being the first Joe Novak story you can find in English here. I thought I'd given away all the copies, but yesterday I found one still. Due to popular demand, I took today a second edition. This one features Sam Odessa whom I thought to be my number one hero, but then Joe Novak took his place.

Errare humanum est, Sam Odessa

Sam Odessa knocked on the door. He waited for ten seconds, then a man dressed in the blue-striped suit opened the door. He had a powder blue hair and powder blue eyebrows. In the middle part of the man's bulldog face Odessa saw a pair of powder blue eyes. Only the shirt and shoes were different colour.
"Are you Lonnie McMullahan?" Odessa asked.
"No. I'm Jim Eastwood. And who are you then?"
"No one." Sam Odessa left. He had taken a wrong door.


Anonymous said...

My own contribution to adolescent hb PI fiction involved a Hammer parody rather obviously dubbed Joe Guts. I wrote at least one of those on the city bus-ride home from high school, making Guts as psychotic and lecherous and simultaneously aggressively puritanical as possible in a vignette of similar length. So that would've been about 1981, good times for hypocritical reactionaries in the US, even better in many ways than today.

Juri said...

Send it over here and I'll publish it! You won't get any money, though (because this is about getting a new market for adolescent hb PI fiction...).