Monday, February 06, 2006

Work done

Just a short update, mainly just to keep track myself:

1. Today we're gonna shoot two inserts for the TV show. The other is about biography films and the other is about the new Russian cinema. What do I know about the latter? Not much...

2. Translating Russell Banks's Rule of the Bone. It's great! I'd like to urge and do page after page, but have to make some money. I applied for a grant, but we'll see what comes out of that.

3. Just translated Jason Starr's short story "The Last Pick" for Isku. Have to find out what the football terms mean - I'm not familiar with them.

4. Writing a long article about the famous movie critic Tapani Maskula and his affiliation for B-cinema for Filmihullu. Interesting stuff, but the pay won't probably be worth the effort.

5. Read Italian Western series Tex Willers all through the weekend, because I'm going to speak about them on TV (another show!) and on a panel next weekend in Tampere. May have to write about them later on.

6. Started doing layouts for the next issue of Ruudinsavu.

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