Monday, February 13, 2006

Short-short-short from 20 years back

This is a flash fiction story that I've written in my teens, maybe 18 or 20 years ago. I found it amongst my old poems. I don't know if it's funny as it's clearly supposed to be.

"Just think about it: 20 000 dollars." The woman crossed her legs.
I thought about her offer.
"25 000."
This did it. "I'll do it. Come to my place early tomorrow morning."
The woman nodded, got up and left.

In the night I was busy as hell doing my job: the shovel was in a full swing and the mud flew all over me.
After blasting away for four hours my shovel clashed into the oak tree cover of a coffin. I let out a sigh and threw the shovel away. I opened a bottle of whiskey and took a big swallow.
I started to dig the mud off the coffin. Soon I got to open the cover. I took a look around, wiped some sweat off my forehead and took the lid off the coffin.
The man in the coffin was just as alive as me. He hadn't rotted at all.
He got up, looked at me and said: "Get me out of here, will you?" He reached out his hand and I pulled the man up. He shook my hand, mumbled "Thanks", and walked away.

The next morning the woman couldn't believe her ears. "You let him go?!"
I gave a nod. "I guess I was too surprised..."
"Jeesh!" the woman said and hit me with a glove. She turned and walked away.
I'd lost 25 000 dollars.

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