Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My fifteen minutes - again

I was in TV today. I talked some six minutes about Tex Willer, the almost legendary Italian western comic series. I'd told to the interviewers that I'm maybe not the best guy to talk about this, since my knowledge on the subject is pretty vague. (And someone did call me after the show and told all the points where I was wrong.) They said it didn't matter, since they didn't want a fan into the show, they wanted someone to have critical opinions of Tex Willer - which I've always considered to be a bit mediocre.

(It just happens, though, that I read one of the latest entries in the series in the train, with a title "The Gold Train of Monterey" or something like that, and except for the racist overtones regarding Mexicans it was a very well-done adventure yarn, with some hardboiled touches here and there. Nice one!)

But it was nice to see good old TV professionalism and not just some crazy-ass last-minute panic. (I'm referring to the show I was supposed to host.) I had two interviews over the phone and we talked about the thing before the shooting, it was rehearsed and I was told what's coming etc. etc. Nothing like that in the afore-mentioned abominity.

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