Wednesday, February 22, 2006

The rumble of punctuation marks

I don't know what this thing should be called in English. It's not very good as it is and doesn't work at any level. There's a joke in here, though, that merits telling. The famous Finnish skijumper Matti Nykänen once told in an interview that he likes to read Walt Slade paperbacks. Now, snob that I was at the time, I laughed at this and joked about it with a friend of mine, who was even more snobbish than I was, if possible. We decided that Matti Nykänen was into concrete poetry and Walt Slade was an infamous poet who used only punctuation marks.

So, I decided that I do a Walt Slade poem. Here it is. I could've used more of my imagination, what little there was at the time (this is something like 1988-1989 and I was 16 or 17).

Click on the picture to make it bigger. Edit: For some reason or another it won't show. Ah well, never mind.

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