Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Blog stalking

I'm already feeling sorry for this guy... Famously nasty (and often funnily so) writer-blogger Lee Goldberg has finally noticed a guy called James Kosub. I had a chance to follow Kosub's short career in the blog/e-mail group world when he tried to put up some fiction websites. He was soon kicked out of some e-mail groups attacking people there - and now Lee Goldberg is at him. (And his brother, also a writer and the famous inventor of the word "fucktard".) You'll notice that Kosub removed all his stuff about the brothers Goldberg from his own blog.)


Juri said...

Nice to have you here, James!

Anonymous said...

Ah, the nobility. Kosub slays yet another dragon. Remarkable how people are always picking on poor Kosub, just because he fantasizes that he's One Godly Man in a sea of iniquity, and if there is not iniquity, then Kosub will fabricate iniquity and attribute it to others. And then will pull a childish prank or several, to futher demonstrate his nobility.

One can only hope he can resist willfully misunderstanding statements here, then lying about them elsewhere, then throwing a tantrum. But, damned glad you're glad to have him here, Juri.

Juri said...

Enough of the comments on this subject here, please. This sure isn't a place to attack people or defend them. I'm sorry I brought the subject up in the first place.