Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Bad work-related news

It seems that I have this new hobby: to torture everyone reading this and write about the rejections I get.

Today: two. One was about the book we planned with Elina, about the kiddies' retro clothing. The other was about a university course I was supposed to do next Fall. It won't probably happen until next Spring. Here's hoping, though.

As for the former, we decided to pitch the book to another publisher, and I sent three or four new ideas to the publisher that had rejected the kiddy book. (I get a feeling somehow that there's bit of a discrepancy in there, that the editor we've been working with isn't actually happy with the decisions the head honcho makes, i.e. that the editor would like to do the books, but there's always someone else making all these rejections. Or I'm just being paranoid.)

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