Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Concrete poetry

You may remember that I've been digging my own slush piles over at my mom's and brought some ancient stuff of my own into daylight. Not much sense in that and may cause more embarrasment than anything, but here goes again: three examples of my old concrete poetry. First in line we have a thing which says "I write". I kind of like this still, even though I must've been 14 at the time.
I don't really know why I circled the thing, but it looks cooler like that.

Edit: I forgot to note that I used an old Remington typewriter in this and the first one, posted above. The Walt Slade one was written with an electric machine, which clearly shows. It lacks warmth and depth. It's weird that when you're doing something this modernist, you'll have to use old machinery to make it look good.

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