Sunday, February 26, 2006

Rock hard concrete

Here's a tribute to all the Detroit bands I grew up listening to - Sonic's Rendezvous Band and Destroy All Monsters both stemmed from the godmother of Holy Punk, MC5. "Declaration of War" was by a band called New Order - not the whiny British one, but the American one in which the original MC5 man Ron Asheton played guitar (and sang?).

Radio Birdman was the Australian equivalent of MC5 (or actually The New York Dolls, but let's not be too picky). In the Air Tonight was the title of the great first album by the Swedish Union Carbide Productions, who later became.. um, my memory seems to fail me here. You'll get all the other references by yourself, doncha?

This was published in my poetry mag, Blinkity Blank, in the mid-90s. I think the poem was made up in the eighties, maybe in '89.

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