Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Just after the depression I'd crept into after yesterday's rejections and other bad news, today I got a letter announcing about a grant of 3,000 € for a book I've been planning!


jukkahoo said...

Congrats muchacho! These good, nay, GREAT news seem to travel in pairs or threesome's as I woke up this morning with news of a whopping twelve thou's for the Finncon 2006! Yii-haa indeed.

Word up: Gazing upon the golden top of the monument erected for the winged serpent god Apxylcz, Huacha pondered upon the news of the golden haired strangers from the east. Where they gods, or devils?

mybillcrider said...

Congratulations, Juri.

Juri said...

Thanks guys! It was a relief to speak of something nice for a change.

Now I get what Jukka's doing with his "Word up" -stuff. That's nice! And congrats for you, too. And Finncon, of course. Yxzvsuj!